Sunday, July 31, 2016

NIACW 162 Live and Let Die (Bond 8)

Live and Let Die, a rare film that is so much better than the novel. It’s our first Roger Moore so light a cigar and don’t go off half-cocked while watching the voodoo that Q do so well.

Live and Let Die audiobook
Papa Doc Duvalier
Pulsar P2 2900 LED digital watch
the Corvorado pimpmobile
titanium spork
Roger Moore as James Bond in 1964
Stanley Kubrick's daughter on the moon landing theory
I Will Row Through Shit for America

fun family stories: 25:45-35:33
Live the Let Die, the novel, at 1:18:50
Housekeeping starts at 1:28:55

File length 1:45:04
File Size 96.4 MB

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