Saturday, March 4, 2017

NIACW 190 U-571

The untimely death of Bill Paxton caused the Bros to tackle U-571, a light-weight WWII submarine movie.

The film isn’t great but the resulting discussion was fun.

Bill Paxton filmography starts at 28:30

Topics include: watching a movie in a theater by oneself, how a rousing score changes your movie, the historical accuracy of Jon Bon Jovi movies, 80’s New Wave music, the movie Hardware, the Academy Awards gaffe, new cars, daddy’s movie request, and the evils of Comcast

Airplane - do you like movies about gladiators
Martini Ranch - Reach
2nu - Spaz Attack
Linc the creeper (Willaim Hootkins) singing in Hardware
Ministry - Stigmata
Cole Wetzel - Emotional PSA background music

File length 1:18:30
File Size 64.8 MB

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