Sunday, May 14, 2017

NIACW 200 introspection and prognostication

Episode 200 is Los Bros Andersons and Dr Wonders discussing the last 100 episodes and plans for the future. At the end we have outtakes from the last hundred episodes and the entire Wolfgang supercut (sorry Connie and Mother Anderson).

00:00:01 Intro blabbity blab
00:11:00 how we make the sausage
00:27:00 how we each watch the movies
00:46:00 list of movie genres we have covered
00:59:00 most downloaded episodes
01:07:00 Travis departs for slumber
01:08:45 Drew sciences the shit out of the Anderson Brothers’ favorite movies
01:38:00 Drew’s modest proposal
01:43:40 feedback from Dougie
01:55:32 outtakes from the last 100
02:03:47 Wolfgang supercut

The Golden Ratio by Mario Livio

File length 2:05:55
File Size 115.5 MB

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