Saturday, August 31, 2019

NIACW 320 Ruthless Peeps and DAOIBH

It’s a Divine Miss M-orama as Brothers J and Eric discuss 1986’s twin Bette features ‘Ruthless People,’ and ‘Down and Out in Beverly Hills.’ Spoiler: one holds up better than the other. Along the way they discuss The Love Guru, Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, Light’s Out with David Spade, The Seattle Underground, Roadhouse, and Roadhouse II: Last Call.

Ruthless People starts immediately
Down and Out in Beverly Hills starts at 25:52
Housekeeping starts at 51:30

File length 1:11:27
File Size 53.9 MB

References: Richard Dreyfuss reads the iTunes EULA

Theme by Jul Big Green via SongFinch
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